In August of 2020, AVA the Label was born. The founder and owner, Jennifer Larkin, has always had a passion for fashion, which led her to becoming an internationally based model. After years of working in the industry & meticulously watching the in's and outs of how to run a successful company, she finally brought her childhood dreams to life & created the brand you see now! All of the products sold have been hand picked by her which are an extension of her style and interests & her keen eye on current trends, which she hopes empower her buyers to be powerful entrepreneurs themselves & live a more sustainable life, while also being up to date with modern trends. Enjoy! xx


Ethical Sourcing 

Our mission is to create a better planet for the future. In doing so, we have handpicked all of the pieces you will find on AVA The Label with the keenest eye. All of our products must fit under these standards: Black owned, responsible production (i.e fabric sourcing), small batch, women owned, gives back, & or living wage practices.
We pledge to donate 1% of our gross annual sales to the Planet

Body Positivity & Diversity 

As a women founded & owned business, we know the societal pressure that women face from a young age. Our mission is to help support women on the journey to self love and care. Everybody is beautiful and we are here to share that with our customers in every way that we know how. 

Eco Conscious

Here at AVA The Label, we are dedicated to changing the way that you shop for your everyday goods. We believe that it is our duty to produce the least waste in getting your products to you. We commit to using only eco-friendly packaging materials that are made from post consumer or biodegradable materials. We know that the fashion industry isn't going anywhere, so we want to make it as eco-friendly as possible to help decrease ours & your carbon footprint.
All boxes have been purchased from packlane, & eco-enclose. Our poly mailers & shipping labels are from The Better Packaging Co., our Eco Kraft Tape is from Sticker Mule, we use a thermal printer, & sometimes we even reuse materials from personal orders. *upcycling for the win ;)*
p.s if you ever have any sustainability questions, please let us know!

Fair & Local Trade

As a brand, we are committed to sourcing as many products from local small businesses as we can. Local small businesses are the base of our economy and we believe in our heart that supporting these brands over large corporations is the better way to do business.


I have always had the intention of making this an inclusive space for those with differing body shapes, sizes, race, & sexuality. With that being said, I am currently a team of one and have a limited amount of financial resources. I wish I was able to hire a full time team of diverse, powerful individuals, but as of right now, I am unable to. I am going to try my very best to represent those of different body types & races in my photos, but as stated before, I am working with limited resources and will be modelling the clothing until I can outsource models. Right now, educating myself and my customers on the systemic oppression of BIPOC is the top priority for this brand. Un-learning & re-learning is something I will always encourage. I am and always will be open to hearing from you and having uncomfortable discussions if they arrise. This is just the start. We all have the ability to create change and it has to start somewhere.