Three easy steps to be more sustainable: The Basics

So, you want to start living a more sustainable life but you don't really know where to start? I'm happy to help! I'll keep this sweet & to the point. I'd hate to waste your time changing the world ;)



One of the biggest things that gets in the way of living sustainable is that most think they can't change anything. They think that just one person can't change the world, but if a billion people are imperfectly sustainable, that can go a hell of a lot further than if we all sit around thinking we can't help. 



Tell your friends & family that you're trying to be more sustainable. This will not only hold you more accountable but it probably will create a ripple affect for them to practice more sustainable methods.



Coffee shops: Although, due to COVID restrictions, mosts coffee shops aren't accepting re-usable mugs, you should still try your best. Instead of getting your daily coffee out at a shop that will inevitably give you a single use cup, switch to making your favorite latte at home. You'll save money while also saving the planet. If you really want that coffee shop latte, at LEAST bring your own re-usable straw. 

Water: As humans, we need to hydrate. Plan ahead and bring your favorite re-usable water bottle. This drastically decreases your plastic use.

Food: If you eat out, bring your own re-usable Tupperware to take leftovers home.

Travel: Although travel restrictions decrease your chances of travel, when you do travel away from your home, bring your own re-usable cutlery, as well as those re-usable Tupperware containers, water bottles, & coffee mugs. You'll thank me later. 


That's all for now! I'll be back soon to give you some bigger ideas once you start to implement these changes :)



All love! 

x Jenny 


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